ABOUT Scent Marketing


We’re Here To Build Human Connections with the Power of Scent 

Scent Marketing is the Exclusive Authorized distributor and installer for Scent Marketing Brand; a US based sensory marketing company that has positioned itself as The Global Market LEADER in commercial fragrance delivery systems.  

We believe in Transforming Your Environment with the POWER OF SCENT; traditional marketing engages two of the five senses: Vision and hearing, but we believe and studies have proven; targeting the sense of smell allows you to influence a customer's emotion and memory 

People are 99.6% times more likely to remember something they smell versus something they see, hear or touch.  Introducing the right scent plays a vital role in the environment you are trying to create, whether it is elegant, welcoming or exhilarating, these important sensory associations create an experience that influences how your customers spend their time and money. 

Scent Marketing is a member of International Fragrance Association (IFRA), further assurance that our product is both SAFE and RELIABLE.  As a member of (IFRA), we adhere to the highest standards of Safety for our products as IFRA maintains and communicates the IFRA Code of Practice which sets the safe use levels for fragrance materials.  All components of Scent Marketing fragrances, being a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients', are approved for use based on their compliance with the IFRA Code of Practice and pose NO RISK to human health or the environment under their intended visit www.ifraorg.org  

Here at Scent Marketing , we do more than install air fresheners in lobbies; we work with each of our clients individually to establish and implement Scent Marketing strategies specific to their property and clients. 

Our Values 

We live our values every day, because we know we sink or swim together. That means maintaining a high level of quality in our work and always striving to do the right thing the right way. Maintaining quality means we work hard but we have fun! Keeping the atmosphere fun encourages the positivity that helps us be respectful—of our clients, our work, and ourselves. Plus, positivity allows us the space to be creative so we can always think big and do big. But we know big ideas die on the vine if you don’t communicate, communicate, communicate! So, we collaborate and share ideas.

But most importantly, we appreciate our clients. They allow us to do work we love. Customers rule!