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Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel(R) at Universal Orlando(R) Resort is a laid back luxury hotel that allows guests to vacation like a rock star. A 12,000 square foot pool with sandy beach and underwater audio system sits outside the main lobby. Nationally acclaimed restaurants, lounges and an Emack and Bolio ice cream shop serving musically-inspired ice cream offer guests the ultimate get-away. Unfortunately the Emack and Bolio ice cream shop was often overlooked since it was downstairs in the basement. Hard Rock wanted a creative way to draw guests down to the treats awaiting them.

ScentAir MENA positioned the sweet aroma of Sugar Cookie at the top of the stairs and Waffle Cone at the bottom. The scents act as aroma billboards to draw guests downstairs to the ice cream shop. Hard Rock also added the clean, fresh scent of Ocean to the main lobby. Now guests can imagine checking into a seaside resort. A rockin' day at the pool followed by refreshing ice cream never smelled so good.

"It's all about the experience. Scent has added another dimension. Guests and staff love it!"

- General Manager, Hard Rock Hotel - Universal Orlando