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Our History

Past. Present. Future.

Put the sense of smell to work as a branding and marketing tool? What a great idea! It certainly shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Well in ScentAir 's case it did.

ScentAir 's patented scent delivery systems were originally developed by a former Lockheed Martin rocket scientist who had become a Walt Disney "Imagineer". The first "Scent Blitz" was used to provide aromas for attractions and special events at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Fl. Seeing potential in other applications, Fragrance Technologies was started in a garage in Windermere, FL in 1994, designing engineered scent system for motion rides, military simulators and special theater exhibits.

In 2000, the name ScentAir Technologies was adopted as the company's focus expanded to systems and services that were more easily deployed in retail settings. The aroma marketing revolution had begun. Four years later, the company relocated to its current home in Charlotte, NC fueled by additional investment from Connecticut-based venture capital firm Alerion Partners. ScentAir 's management, operations, sales and product development teams have continued to grow and evolve. Strategic supply, sales and distribution partnerships around the world ensure the company's continued status as scent marketing's pioneer and industry leader.

While the ScentAir of today has come a long way from it's humble origins in a Central Florida garage, it's still just the beginning. We have only just begun to harness the sense of smell in crafting a brand message. Each day, we learn more about the power of scent as a marketing and branding tool. We're excited about what the future holds and anxious to share it with our clients.

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