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Sony Style Retail Stores

Sony Style, the high-end electronics store, knows the importance that building a brand has in today's marketplace. They understand that without a strong and stable brand, companies tend to go virtually unnoticed. And Sony Style likes to be noticed. As a part of their overall branding efforts, executives wanted to develop their own unique fragrance, one that would get them noticed and remembered. Enter ScentAir MENA .

Aromas trigger memories. Memories spark emotions and emotional connections bring customers back. Sony Style and ScentAir MENA developed a signature fragrance combining subtle notes of citrus, vanilla and other secret ingredients. The custom fragrance creates a memorable impression on shoppers and adds to the color schemes, lighting and decor of the boutique stores. The power of scent completes the unique sensory branding experience.

"Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. Sony has been very pleased by the response from our customers."

- Senior Creative Director, Sony