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ScentAir MENA 's patented scent delivery systems are the key to putting the power of scent to work for your business.

Our scent delivery systems use a dry-air technology that releases a fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils. This means there is no messy residue to stain or damage floors or merchandise. All of our systems deliver scents in a clean, controlled way and they are easy to maintain.

Our systems are easily programmable to operate efficiently based on your specific needs. Systems can be programmed to release fragrance on a timed schedule or triggered with motion sensors.

Remember! Scents should be just above the subconscious level of awareness. ScentAir MENA can help you determine the right scent and the right intensity to achieve your desired results.

Scent Delivery Systems

Clean, simple, effective scent delivery.

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Wide area HVAC scent diffusion.

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Point-of-purchase targeted scent delivery.

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Custom designed and state-of-the-art.

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